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TF2 30 Day Challenge - 9. Best “Meet the Team” video

"…Should I be awake for this?"

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Eline nibbles on Alfons' ear, wrapping her arms around his waist. /Someone/ is affectionate today...
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Alfons slightly gasps, startled at the sudden touch. Though with their arms wrapping around him calmed him, presuming that it was someone he knew. He giggled lightly gently turning his head, “hoho~ Hallo~”

Alfons recalled during their little house cooking within her household. Surely she was a good host, but knowing him, he hated to be a burden of being entertained, especially if it’s at her place again.

He paused for a moment to think, “hmmm, nein, let’s go out. For a change, ja?” Slowly he turned, carefully holding her side shoulders, “I’m sure ve vill find an excellent vone.”

She nodded. “I’m glad you said zhat. I tried to make a pudding cake last night, and it did not go over too vell.”

Eline smiled at his touch, right dimple faintly showing while she patted his head. “Maybe a family-owned one. I heard zhey make zhe best sauces for pizza.” She added, beginning to stand up, holding out her hand if he went to join her.

Alfons tried not to laugh at her remark, but he couldn’t hold it in, “you did? Oh, hahaha~ It’s fine, you deserve a nice break.”

She beamed warmly, making the doctor feel relieved deep within. This would be a great opportunity to bond once again. “Sure, sure!~ Usually diners last long zhrough family businesses. If it’s gone for generations zhen zhey must be doing somezhing right, ja?~ Ahaha~”

When she was about ready to go, she first invited her hand outward at him. Alfons paused, a bit baffled actually, but he did place his hand on top of hers, despite how big it was and let his fingers intertwine with hers into a gentle squeeze.  ”Let’s go.”

Eventually they made way out from the building and outside the scorching sun, “are ve taking mein car? I don’t mind, really.”


Fly high, motherfucker.






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