Small continuation of that Faun Au, Red Medic as a Jacob sheep (Satan sheep) 

"Yo, doc, what's up?"
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"Hallo Kamerad!~ Mich? Nein, not much going on around here. How about yourself? Do you need some assischtance, Scoot?"

Scout shook his head. “Me neithah. Glad it’s here, but don’t that also mean they can endure more than us?”

He frowned briefly with a slight shrug, “hmmm, yes, like traveling here for inschtance, unless…zhey used a teleportah. Really, who needs to drive vhen you’ve got zhose?~ Ahaha~ Of course ve haff to do zhe same if ve relocate to othzah missions in different bases, yah?”

Scout nodded, standing. “Least we got a good engineer! Engie is the best!” He hummed. “I really like our team. You and Engie and Pyro are the best.”

Alfons smiled sheepishly since he couldn’t help but accept the compliment. He did return the favor,”oh! Vhy zhank you!~” He nods aggressively, “oh yah, he ist, isn’t he?~ But you’re gut too, Scoot. You run really fast zhat sometimes mein eyes can’t keep up. I vish I can do zhat, but unfortunately I haff to lug so much contraptions on mein back und hands,” then his eyes rolled exaggeratedly,”plus age…gott, it can really hit you. How old are you exactly? Twenties…?”

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He did not bother to knock on the door, too excited to see a familiar face. Slipping through the halfway open doorway, he uncloaked. It hardly mattered to him if there was still bad blood between them, he had been gone for far too long and needed to see something recognizable before his sudden absence. "Are you surprised to see that I am still alive?" Benjamin Graves asked, loud enough to draw attention to himself.
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The German was running some errands inside, particularly tending his doves for care and to tidy up some things within his office. Unfortunately he came there to find a surprise, a certain someone he felt contempt for.

Alfons was standing, but dormant as he looks down at one of his patient’s papers. Once he had heard someone linger by, he turned his torso slightly along with his head, tipping his spectacles down to examine, “hmmm? Oh it’s you,” he said coarsely before looking back at his papers composedly with a grin upon his weary face, “nein, but vould you like mich to remedy zhat, Herr?~”

Unfortunately the medic in their base seemed like the eluding type. Speaking of which, he wondered if he was too when indulged with too much Kritz. Being too exposed to so much chronic formula can lead to forgetfulness, just like a person being drunk. Rumors say though, that he can be obnoxious and too giddy, but who knows for sure. 

Shoulders shrug it off and hands face up to the ceiling as he states calmly, “alright, suit yourself. It’s your choice.”

In a short time, blue eyes eyed the other as he motioned around like as though he was observing something. Once they turned to ask, he slowly raised a brow, trying his best to recall, but still drew only a blank, “hmmm, nein…it’s been avhile,” then he pouts, “I zhink you schtarted it zhough…”

Benjamin waved his hand dismissively. “I think it hardly matters who started it now. I was left a note a few weeks before then, telling me to look under a specific tile. I wasn’t sure at first what it meant, or if it was some kind of prank but…well, something told me it was important that I followed through. I wasn’t sure where to start looking. I searched a few of the bases I’ve been to, and a couple of RED bases too. Then I thought to look here, but then we started fighting and I had not been given the chance to come back until recently,” he explained.

Taking out his balisong, he bent down and wedged it between the tiles. With a little bit of wiggling, he was able to pry it up. There, covered in grime and stuck to the bottom of the tile, was a folded note. “Alfons,” he started as he carefully peeled the note off. He unfolded it. “Do you like to keep secrets?”

So that was the other’s intention, but why tell him so openly? Shouldn’t he be discreet like a Spy should, or did he trust him in some way? Alfons’ relation with this man was strange or still in that unsure part of his circle, but he would play along for the sake of his curiosity. 

Actually he didn’t know what was down there, nor did he recognize such a worn out spot. His place was torn from the outside to begin with, but there are things he didn’t realize inside when it was so large of building for one man. Alfons peered at the note then back at Ben, “yes, I do. Plenty in fact. But doesn’t everyvone haff secrets…even you..?” He wasn’t so open about such things unless he was close to someone, but still, a secret must be kept like one.


Being thanked after ubering another teammate is so satisfying, especially after defeating a large nest of sentries or finally breaking through a intense line of enemies. Its really gratifying to hear and just makes everything a little more relaxed knowing you’re doing a good job ^^’



Blood slowly began to trickle down his neck, the runner still trembling. “I-I…” BLU Scout stuttered to just get one word out, trying to think of what to say so he could avoid both torture and death. His eyes looked quickly away from the other, staring at the wall as the RED Medic continued to give him an excited murderous look. “L-Listen doc…” He began, swallowing because his throat felt dry. “M-My respawn isn’t w-workin’ right…the fellas got theirs but…” The young man swallowed again. “I don’t have mine..” Slowly he looked at the wall behind the German, avoiding eye contact. “…So…I don’t wanna…ya know..die for real.”

A grin crept along his lips. This was too amusing, every minute of it. And with Scouts, they were one to toy with—well mostly. This Scout however, was far too easy to intimidate.

Again, he didn’t want to stoop down to such easy words, even if it was the truth or not. The German was gullible before, but if he did believe him, he couldn’t just let himself seem so laid back and casual, especially in front of an enemy, that will just make him look bad. The blade slightly moved away, but still lingering by. Sharp blue eyes scrunch up with great disdain, “hmmm, I don’t belief you…How do I know you’re not lying, hmmm?” then his head slightly tilted to the side even if they looked away, “you’ve got to do a lettle bettah zhan zhat!”


And they crossed the finish line! That’s it folks, the race is over and we’ve got our winners! Sniper started out slower out of the gate, being in 4th initially, but then he gained incredible momentum and just destroyed everybody. Medic and Pyro were tied there for a bit there, but then Medic managed overtake him by a few points and landed in second! The rest of the order is as follows; Scout, Engie, Soldier/Demo tied, and finally Heavy. Fun week of racing I’d say. There were winners, there were losers, but in the end everyone’s gonna get their time to shine!

(Explanation time! So Val and Jammi had a wager going. If Pyro won, I’d paint Val a Balloonicorn. If Scout won, I’d paint Jammi a blood coated Archimedes looking cute. They are super pissed that sniper just dominated everyone and robbed them of victory. It was glorious >v<)